Friday, December 23, 2005

Cement blocks waiting for construction to begin at the orphanage.

My friend Johnson has the camera and this is his first attempt at taking a photo.

Roodlen and me waiting for Johnson to snap the photo.

Johnson is our photographer and he loved that I let him use the camera.

My friends Roodlen and Johnson. They saw I had my camera so they wanted a photo. I loved Roodlen had to pick up the leaf to use as a prop for his photo.

In my spare time I draw pictures of people.
My friend Eugenio asked me to draw a picture of a family. All the kids think I am very talented.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sister Josephine gives instructions to the Women's Group of Fondwa on how to make the pine cone Christmas ornamnets the group will send to the States to sell to help raise funds for their organization. Gwoup Fanm Fondwa (Women's Group of Fondwa) wishes everyone a Merry Christmas 2005 and a happy New Year 2006!

The second grade class wants to wish everyone Joyeux Noel 2005 e Bonne Anne 2006.

The Preschool III class put up a Christmas tree (well actually a branch) and they were tickled to death when I said I would take their class photo in front of it. It was such a big hit the Preschool II class came to get their photo made too.

Joyeux Noel 2005

Bonne Annee 2006

The Preschool II Class of Saint Antoine School says "Joyeux Noel e Bonne Annee 2006" in English "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

The last couple of weeks I have been taking photos of the students of Saint Antoine School. This is a big undertaking we have over six hundred students. There are several purposes for the photo taking session.
· The first purpose is to provide updated photos of the children that have sponsors in the United States to Family Health Ministries (FHM). FHM will print out the photos and send them to the sponsors so they can see updated pictures of their sponsored child. FHM is the organization that I am working with a long with the communities leaders in Fondwa. They started a sponsorship program to help raise funds to assist the school “Ecole Fraternite Saint Antoine” meet the cost of operating the school. Partners in Progress (PIP) is also helping the school with their operating cost. The school receives no funds right now from the government. The Sponsorship Program is set up that a sponsor can make a yearly donation of $260 or a monthly donation of $22 per month. We encourage the sponsor to write their child which is another part of my job, liaison between sponsor and child.
· The second purpose is so I can make photos for the students who need to register for the national exams in February for next summer.
· The third purpose is so we will have photos of the students in the school records.
· The final purpose is so we can give each child a photo to share with his or her family. For some families this is the only way they can get a photo of their child. The children love to get their photos taken and a few of them figured out real quick if they made goofy faces I would take more photos until we got a good one.

If you want more information on the Sponsorship Program go to the Family Health Ministries website Right now we have over two-hundred children sponsored I would love to double this number before I leave Fondwa, Haiti in 2007. What do I want for Christmas? Just two-hundred new sponsors. Joyeux Noël e Bonne Année 2006. ( The little girl is Nephtalie.)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Jed sharing his thoughts on the upcoming elections.

Jed stops in to visit before church.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Ecole Fraternite Saint Antoine

3rd Grade Class, Apre Midi

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"The Class of 2010"

Students in the 9th grade class waiting to get their pictures taken.

One of my jobs in Fondwa is school photographer. As you can see from the photo it is not an easy job.
"What do you mean smile? This is my smile."

This is my happy face.

Ater several tries finally got a smile. Schaider Simprime, PSIII.

Lisa Paul, Preschool I, Ecole Fraternite Saint Antoine, Fondwa, Haiti.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Just last week we had a new arrival. Her name is Widline and she has been coming to the clinic over the past year with her mother. Widline first arrived over a year ago when Family Health Ministries was sponsoring a medical clinic in Fondwa. When her mother brought her to the clinic Kathy Walmer and Sister Carmelle were not sure if she would pull through she was so malnourished. But through the support and care that Sister Carmelle gave to the mother and child she pulled through. Family Health Ministries and other support for the clinic helped Sister Carmelle to help Widline and her mother. Widline has come to stay at the orphanage now because she started to loose weight again. After talking with the mother, the Sisters realized her mother was not able to care for Widline and her 16 siblings. I know it was difficult for her mother to leave her here but yet she knew it needed to be done. Widline will stay here at the center until she is a little older then she will move down to the orphanage with her new brothers and sisters.

The clinic in Fondwa under the supervision of Sister Carmelle has helped mothers and their babies make it through difficult times by providing food for the mothers and their babies. Sister Carmelle tries to make do with the little money she has, Family Health Ministries has sent financial support to help buy formula for babies as needed . If you would like to help please send your donation to

Family Health Ministries, INC
BOX 16725
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-6725

Write on the memo line for The Baby/Mother Nutrition Program

Thank you for your support and prayers. Enjoy the photos of Widline below.

I'm ok!

She usually has a very serious look on her face so, when she smiles my heart skips with joy. Food nourishes the body but love feeds the soul.

Widline hanging out with me in my room.

Our newest arrival, Widline. She is making friends with my two friends Rascal the Racoon and Eeyore.

Great news my computer is not dead. It was infected with the "Mexican Virus". But thanks to the help of my friend Eugenio I was able to find someone to repair it. We set out for Jacmel with computer in hand. We found where Hoodritch Benjanmin (Roody) worked and he started to work on restoring the operating system. He had to leave so he turned it over to Michel Friendly Janvier ( these guys know their stuff). Around 4:30 in the afternoon we were back in operations. Friends, this is the best they would not let me pay them for their service, I was floored and all I kept thinking in my head was "mesi Bondye, mesi Bondye!!" Michel even upgraded my computer to Windows XP. I think I have a brand new computer. Michel and Roody thank you for your help. Sometimes, you find unexpected blessings on the Road.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Just wanted to let you know that I am doing fine here in Fondwa. However, my computer is not doing well. It crashed on Thursday and my friend Danny has tried to get it running but no luck. Brian has been kind enough to let me use his computer. Thank you Brian. Danny and Brian are heading to Port Au Prince on Sunday and will try to get Marie to take a look at my computer. Hopefully, she will be able to restore it. If you don't hear from me for awhile you know why. Such is the life on the road.